I am an abstract artist with a background in graphic design, and a Minnesota native currently living and working out of Minneapolis alongside my husband, a fellow creative. Adventures / Travel with him are my favorite and are sources a inspiration for my work. Inevitably my designer background deeply influences my artwork as those principles that come as second nature are interwoven into every piece.


The exploration of movements and forms found in the natural world, and our connection to it, is the anchor of my work. A moment of fluidity manifested by delving deeply into what is seen each day, and translating it into a timeless experience.  

The resulting paintings venture not only visually into what is discovered but are an expression of the three dimensionality in which they exist. The rise and fall of paint upon the surface is as important as the color and composition. The composite of texture, color and play of light upon the surface create movement. Each piece is a balance between the idea and the paint itself. A fluid yet meticulous build until a unity is found.


GOLDEN RULE  Excelsior, MN


2017    Black & White. Fusion Art, Palm Springs, CA. USA. (Honorable Mention)
2017    Through My Eyes. Paramount Center for the Arts, St. Cloud, MN. USA


2017 Festival Favorite Artist in Painting at StoneArch Bridge Festival