It’s delightful to have you here and thank you for your interest in my art. It is a passion that fuels me.

I am an abstract acrylic artist creating sculptural paintings which traverse the juxtaposition between the beauty of painting and the texture of sculpture.

My work is the exploration of the wondrous world around us. Translating the forms, movements and emotions that make up life into each painting. A reflection of beauty and grace in all its facets. I focus on the study of texture, form and color. My style is purely abstract with the goal of letting these features shine through to make a bold and graceful piece that will spark a sense of wonder. It is not only an exquisite painting but a sculpture as well, forming a harmony between two dimensional and three dimensional art.

While creating, I find myself completely lost in the work and become enamored with the process. It always sets my heart in a state of awe. As each stroke develops, I find a balance between my own hands and letting the paint itself take control as it produces it’s own unique characteristics. It is a harmony between vision, the life of the paint and my own self forming each piece. Art has the ability to delve deeper than what our eyes see finding its way into the core of our being.

I adore working from my home studio. Sunlight streams in creating a joyful yet peaceful space. In the summer it feels as though I live among the trees with the leaves gently swaying outside my window. While winter brings the simplicity of nature stripped bare and covered in the shimmer of white. As you may be able to tell, nature is a huge inspiration to me.

I grew up in Northern Minnesota along the stunning shores of the great Lake Superior. The passing of seasons each year and graceful beauty of nature was the sublime backdrop to my childhood. Always having grand and wonderful dreams, I moved to the Minneapolis area shortly after college with my husband, a fellow creative. I love the life and energy this area offers.

Always the artist, I received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with a focus in Graphic Design, I worked as a Graphic Designer for years until I felt the pull to turn back to my fine art roots. It was then that I truly developed my own style that genuinely reflects the essence of my being. Today, my shop is filled with a collection which I am utterly enthralled with and hope you will find the same wonder in.